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Service Professionals

“Time is money” takes on a whole new meaning for service professionals.

Attorneys, CPAs, consultants and other service professionals have some unique opportunities as well as challenges.  We understand that.

Service professionals often ask themselves:

Many service professionals have seasonal or inconsistent cash flow which can make investing more challenging. You may have to make your investments in periodic lump sums. You may find advantages in deferring income or recognizing more expenses in higher earning years. Our financial planning software and cash flow modeling tool can help you get a handle on how (and how much) you should be saving.

We will do a complete review of your insurance including disability, life, liability and long-term care. Our independence allows us to look across multiple carriers, providing you with the highest value options available.

We want our clients protected should a partner become disabled or pass away. A buy/sell agreement provides for one partner to buy out another partner on defined terms, protecting everyone’s interests.

If you are like most service professionals and business owners, you’re concerned about protecting your assets. We can show you a variety of strategies that will help you protect your investments, your business and your family.

How We Help

We will listen carefully to understand your specific situation. We'll then create a custom financial plan that addresses your personal needs and provides a pathway to success.

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