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Business Owners

As a business owner, you work around the clock to take care of your customers and employees.

That’s why you need an advisory team to help take care of you, your business and your family.

Your time is a valuable commodity, so you have a lot to gain by finding the right advisor to work on your behalf. We’ll ask the right questions, understand your priorities and help give you peace of mind for this part of your life. That in turn lets you focus on your business.

Business owners often ask themselves:


Together with our alliance partners, we’ll help analyze and design the following benefits: qualified and non-qualified retirement plans; deferred comp for key employees; and group health, life, long-term care and disability insurance. We make sure you are optimizing the benefits you offer. To learn more about our corporate and institutional services, click on this link.

Most business owners are acutely aware of taxes, but many have not been introduced to investment tax strategies such as those designed to: defer gains and generate tax write-offs while earning market returns; optimize contributions to qualified plans as well as non-retirement investments; and recognize income in lower tax years. We will recommend and illustrate the appropriate strategy(s) for your specific situation.

Either way, we can help you secure the future you want. If your plan is to sell your business, what’s your number? We use our dynamic modeling software to help evaluate your options and various scenarios. We’ll also suggest ways to ease your tax burden when you do sell your business. And if your business is your life, you’ll still need to address succession planning issues. Do you have key people, children or other family members you want to groom to eventually take over when you are ready to step down? We can help you protect the vision for your business.

We want to protect you in the event a partner becomes disabled, divorced, passes away or otherwise leaves the business. An ownership agreement sets the terms for a partner (or company) to purchase another partner’s interest in the business. You'll also want to consider protecting your vested interest in key personnel.

Are your business and personal assets commingled? Is your business sitting on large amounts of cash that you do not need? Are your family’s assets protected from creditors and business defaults? Are your business assets protected from personal risk? As a business owner you encounter financial risks in both sides of your life. We work with you and your legal advisor to help you identify and manage these risks.

How we help

We clarify what truly matters to you. We'll work together to build a customized plan and assist you in implementing that plan over time.

Our formal process serves to address your specific, critical issues and to help create the future you envision for yourself, your family and your business.

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