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Corporate Executives

You know how important it is to have a great team. Put us on yours.

Senior executives devote their time to the companies they serve. Regardless of their industry, virtually all of them look to simplify their lives.

At Ironwood, we work with a diverse group of leaders at privately-held businesses, publicly-traded companies, healthcare networks, non-profit organizations, associations and more. We help our clients manage their salary, bonuses and benefits within the context of their overall financial lives.


Many corporate executives have the following questions:

We will analyze your holdings to help determine how much should go into your plan's Roth vs. traditional options and how your asset allocation can be coordinated across all your investments.

We can help you devise a strategy for when to sell options and grants, considering  tax rates and your company’s stock price in the context of your overall investment portfolio.

We will generate cash flow models, considering your specific retirement goals, and illustrate your probability of success. We will also stress-test your plan and educate you on your options.

Let us analyze your options and provide supplemental private plans to support what your company provides you.

While your company benefits may help, we’ll analyze how much life insurance and disability insurance you may need to protect your income and your family.

How We Help

We understand how busy you are and will maximize the time we spend together. We will act as your personal CFO, coordinating investments, insurance and all facets of your financial life creating a customized, comprehensive plan.

Let us put you and your family on the right path so you can focus on your career.

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